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Daniel-LigonNo forced Dispatch and detailed training that explains exactly what is expected.

Jimmy-MayesBeen here short time but looks like a retirement company for me

Paula-DotsonI don’t know about anyone else but I have made money here. It’s still in the infant stage but growing well. All companies have their issues as we will have ours. There is always room for growth being a small company, and you are a name not a number. Cool people to work with and we have some awesome drivers too.

James-JacksonI just want a Texas bumper and dropped visor fur this bad…pete! ,ups and downs but pound for pound champion has great people and I am pleased to have them as my permanent and last trucking job!

Mitchell-Wayne-GoadI’m happy here they care about the driver’s not just the bottom line

Taylor-MooreI started driving for Champion when they first started up. Like any company they have had their problems over the months i have worked but i have stuck with it due to my newborn son and girlfriend needing me to support them. I will say sticking with it has had its ups and downs but I am happier now than ever. They treat me like family and the owner makes calls to check on things and to make sure things are going smooth. I make good money and still get to see my son.